Testing Mission Log


It is such an honor to be designing the website for such an amazing eclectic shop. I am so excited to get this shop’s website up and running to its full capacity. I am currently in the process of building the online store so all you space cadets can see Bleu’s exclusive and vast inventory which can’t be displayed in the store due to SPACE limitations and preservation procedures.

This Mission Log is a for the store to communicate with its customers second to social media! But this is a great way to create and share a series of stories, good times, photos, and exclusive sale events and activities. Also, it’s a great forum for conversation with us and others.

We welcome you to peruse the site as it’s being developed and come visit us at our Retail Location. You can also leave ideas and engage in the posts that will be on this page by creating an account. This can be done by clicking the little blue cadet at the top right corner or visiting the “My Account” page.

Warm Salutations, Kevin from KSR Web Design